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PTI Thiruvanan
Updated: 13-11-2018 18:55 IST

'Those who feted womens' entry into Shani Shingnapur shrine

now against their entry to Sabarimala'

Thiruvananthapuram, Nov 13 (PTI): Noted Journalist N Ram

Tuesday said those who celebrated the entry of women into the

Shani Shingnapur temple in Maharashtra were now against

allowing women of all ages at the Lord Ayyappa hill shrine at


The state, which recently witnessed a string of protests

on the entry of women of all ages at Sabarimala, should oppose

the "toxic political elements" dividing them, he said.

Kerala, "one of the most progressive states" in the

country, was "now being tested", he said and urged the people

to prove their "mettle".

Ram was speaking at an event titiled 'We the people

#With_our_Constitution', organised by a collective of over 50

organisations, including Mumbai-based 'Humans' and Purogamana

Kala Sahitya Sangham (Progressive Arts and Literary

Organisation), also known as the PuKaSa, an Association for

Art and Letters.

"The same elements which celebrated the entry of women

into the Shani Shingnapur temple in Maharashtra are now

objecting to the entry of women in Sabarimala," Ram said.

"People are being divided by toxic political elements.

This issue is for all of India," he said.

Alleging that there are attempts to tamper with the

Constitution, he said he was glad that people had recognised

what was at stake.

"It is not just a single isolated issue. The Constitution

itself is at stake," he said.

"We have a secular constitution, unlike most other

countries. This is an occasion for Kerala to prove its mettle.

The silent majority must assert a position and oppose the

rouge elements creating violence in Sabarimala," he said.

Indu Abhayan, an organiser of the event, said that those

opposing the apex court veridict claim that they are the voice

of Kerala.

"We want to prove them wrong. We have seen that women are

on the streets, opposing the Supreme Court verdict on

Sabarimala. That is not the voice of Kerala. We wanted to show

that there are other women, people who are with the

Constitution," Abhayan said.

The Central stadium auditorium, where the function

washeld, was filled with people from all walks of life.

A group of women from the Mala Araya community, which

had earlier claimed that their rights to offer prayers at the

Sabarimala temple was taken away from them, were also present.

Anoop Rajendran, a lawyer, who came to attend the event

despite bad health, said he was interested in the event as it

was the need of the hour.

"Our state is a progressive society. We used to respect

the Constitution, but after the apex court verdict, many have

come out opposing the decision and calling for open violation

of the Constitution and the rule of law.This is not right," he


Harikrishnan,a college student, said certain elements

were trying to exploit the situation.

"Certain political elements are trying to exploit the

situation. At first they all welcomed the Supreme Court

verdict. Then they decided to oppose it in the name of belief.

This is purely against the Constitution," he said.

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