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Anand sees three seasons for three chess formats in future

PTI Kolkata
Updated: 13-11-2018 20:53 IST

Five-time world chess champion Viswanathan Anand reckons three separate seasons for the three formats of the game in future.

"Perhaps one day we will have seasons where there will be a classical season, then the blitz season and the rapid season," Anand said on the sidelines of the Tata Steel Chess India here.

Anand, the reigning world rapid chess champion, also said the constant zigzagging of the three formats was unhelpful.

Internationally, chess is played in three formats of classical, blitz and rapid, the main difference being time allotted to make a move.

Some players are more competent in one format while others are equally proficient in all three.

"Right now this constant zigzagging, I find it quite unhelpful," the 48-year-old, who won the World Rapid title in 2003 an 2017, said.

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