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Injured leopard rescued near Agra Fort

Updated: 13-11-2018 21:06 IST
A badly injured eight-year-old leopard was on Tuesday caught near the Agra Fort, a popular tourist destination.

The animal was tranquilized by the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department and Wildlife SOS staffers.

The animal was probably hit by a speeding vehicle and needed immediate medical attention. The large feline is currently undergoing treatment and is under observation.

Wildlife SOS officials said the leopard, wounded and unable to stand up, sought refuge on the side of the road.

Bracing themselves with safety nets, a trap cage and tranquilizing equipment to carry out the rescue mission, a six-member team from Wildlife SOS headed to the location accompanied by a group of about 15 forest officers.

The rescue mission lasted for almost two hours after which the leopard was carefully transported to the Wildlife SOS Animal Hospital.

Ilayaraja, Deputy Director Veterinary Services, Wildlife SOS, said: "We are yet to carry out a more in-depth examination to determine the extent of the injury."

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