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PTI Mumbai
Updated: 13-11-2018 23:21 IST

Maharashtra Congress chief Ashok

Chavan Tuesday claimed that although the state earlier held

the numero uno position with regard to foreign investments, it

has come down to number three position during the BJP-Shiv

Sena rule.

Speaking to reporters here, Chavan said during the

Congress-NCP rule, one third of the country's investment was

in Maharashtra.

Chavan said according to the figures released by the

Centre's Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion in

2016, Karnataka received investments worth Rs 1.54 lakh crore,

Gujarat Rs 56,156 crore, but Maharashtra received investments

worth only Rs 38,193 crore.

In 2017, Karnataka received Rs 1.52 lakh crore,

Gujarat Rs 79,068 crore and Maharashtra got Rs 48,581 crore,

it added.

The former Maharashtra chief minister added that till

September 2018, Karnataka has received investments worth Rs

83,236 crore, Gujarat Rs 59,089 crore, while Maharashtra has

got Rs 46,428 crore.

"Of the proposed investments in 2015, 10.7 per cent

were in Maharashtra, which slid down to 9.28 per cent in 2016,

and 12.29 per cent in 2017. Until September 2018, Maharashtra

has received proposed investments of Rs 13.71 per cent. As

compared to Maharashtra, Karnataka has received 37.55 per cent

in 2016, 38.48 per cent in 2017, 24.58 in 2018," he said.

Responding to Chavan's charges, state Industries

Minister Subhash Desai said Maharashtra is in number one

position not only in getting foreign investment, but also in

converting investment intentions into real investments,

according to Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

He said the report which Chavan quoted in his press

conference, depict the figures of proposed investments and not

actual investments.

"It is laughable that a person, who has been a former

chief minister, makes such claims despite knowing the truth.

Why does he want to defame Maharashtra?" he asked.

Desai added that in September 11 projects were

executed in Maharashtra, while only three were rolled out in


He said according to the figures released by the RBI

for the quarter ended June 2018, Maharashtra received 31 per

cent foreign investments, while Karnataka got eight per cent


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