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DUP will wait and see before voting down Brexit deal

Updated: 13-11-2018 23:55 IST
The small Northern Irish party propping up Britain's minority government will wait and see the actual text of Britain's draft divorce agreement before deciding if it will vote against it, its deputy leader said on Tuesday.

"Well let's wait and see what the position is, there's a long way to go," the Democratic Unionist Party's (DUP) Nigel Dodds told Northern Irish broadcaster UTV when asked if the party would vote against the deal.

"Clearly our concern is that over the course of time, if you're trapped in some sort of backstop arrangement that that becomes the default position... I think the prime minister has taken the view for some time that any deal at all is better than a 'no-deal' and she has to go for a deal no matter what." (Reporting by Amanda Ferguson, writing by Padraic Halpin Editing by Gareth Jones)

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