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PTI cuttack India
Updated: 19-11-2018 12:36 IST

Chief Justice K S Jhaveri of

Orissa High Court on Monday administered the oath of office to

two new judges of the High Court.

With the inclusion of Justice Shatrughana Pujahari and

Justice Akshaya Kumar Mishra, the number of judges in Orissa

High Court went up to 14, including that of the chief justice.

The Supreme Court Collegium earlier this month had

recommended the repatriation of Justice Pujahari from Madras

High Court to here. Hailing from Orissa High Court, Justice

Pujahari was transferred to the Madras High Court in November

last year.

Similarly, the Apex Court Collegium last week had also

recommended the appointment of Mishra to the Orissa High

Court. Prior to his present appointment, Mishra, an OJS

officer of 1988 batch, was serving as a Registrar of the

high court.

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