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Did Nile Rodgers snub Cheryl?

IANS london India
Updated: 19-11-2018 14:58 IST
Musician Nile Rodgers caused a stir on Sunday night when he seemingly "snubbed" singer Cheryl after her comeback performance of new single "Love Made Me Do It" at reality show "The X Factor".

The "Chic" star, 66, was seen leading back in his chair while fellow mentors Simon Cowell, Louis Tomlinson and Ayda Field leapt to their feet, reports

Viewers took to social media in their droves after the camera focused on the music legend.

One tweeted: "Love how Nile Rogers sat down for Cheryl's 'standing ovation'" while a second joked: 'Nile not giving Cheryl a standing ovation the shade #xfactor."

Viewers were quick to share memes of the situation, joking that Rodgers was "literally everyone at home".

Others were outraged by the reaction, with one posting: "Nile did not stand for Cheryl! Did he not get the memo? Judges must stand for all guests even if they've never heard of them. If they don't, it's downright rude."

MailOnline has contacted Nile's representatives for comment.

Cheryl made her grand comeback to the show on Sunday night, delivering a sultry dance routine and energetic performance

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