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PTI mumbai India
Updated: 25-11-2018 19:48 IST

India entered the Guinness Book

of World Records as 2,353 people held the abdominal plank

position for an entire minute in Pune on Sunday.

The initiative was organised by Bajaj Allianz Life

Insurance Company at Pune's AFMC Ground.

"We have clinched a few Guinness World Records for

Plankathon initiative for promoting good health. The event saw

a record number of people hold the abdominal plank position,

simultaneously, for an entire minute," Bajaj Allianz Life

Insurance Company said in a statement here.

"The Plankathon initiative reflects our commitment to

promote fitness movement that could put India on a global map.

The success of #36SecPlankChallenge campaign encouraged us to

take the initiative to a higher level and demonstrate the

possibilities that exist when health goals are pursued with a

reliable partner," Bajaj Allianz chief marketing officer

Chandramohan Mehra said.

"I congratulate Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance on

achieving a new benchmark in the category of "most people

holding the abdominal plank position," Guinness World Records

official adjudicator Rishi Nath said.

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