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PTI kolkata India
Updated: 25-11-2018 21:01 IST

The CPI West Bengal unit Sunday

said that it would not participate in the January 19 mega

rally called by the Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee

to oust the BJP in the next general election.

The West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee has

called for the mega rally of all anti-BJP parties in Kolkata

on January 19.

"We appreciate that she has forwarded her invitation

(for the January 19 Brigade Rally). But the state CPI has

decided not to participate in it," CPI state secretary Swapan

Banerjee told reporters here.

He said that though the party's national executive

would take a final decision in connection with the matter, the

state body has already decided not to go to be a part of the

TMC's mega rally.

He also questioned (Mamata) Banerjee's real intention

to fight the BJP in the next general elections saying that

"one one side the TMC supremo is inviting the CPI but on

another side it is attacking the Left parties".

"On one side Mamata is inviting CPI but attacking left

parties, occupying party offices preventing filing

nominations," the CPI state secretary alleged.

Further questioning (Mamata) Banerjee's sincerity in

fighting the BJP in the next general elections, the CPI leader

said that the TMC should decide on who was its "real rival".

"Question arises whether Mamata is sincere in fighting

against the BJP. If she is sincere she must not attack Left

which is fighting against the BJP tooth and nail. She must

decide who is the main enemy (whether the BJP or the Left),"

he said.

The CPI leader also asked why (Mamata) was mum on the

Rafale scam.

"Doubt arises why Mamata and KCR of Telangana are

conspicuously silent on the Rafale scam," he said.

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