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Gary Barlow planning a year off

IANS london India
Updated: 26-11-2018 02:20 IST
Take That frontman Gary Barlow is set to quit music for a year.

The singer reveals he is planning a sabbatical so that he can "live a bit" rather than working 24/7, reports

Barlow said: "I am working so hard because I am planning a year off. A sabbatical. The last five years I have been working harder because I want to earn myself some serious time off. It might only be six months in reality, but there's stuff I want to do."

"We don't know what is round the corner for any of us - I want to do it now. Things I want to do other than music that I've never had a chance to do."

The star, who is gearing up for Take That's Greatest Hits tour next year, added: "I feel like I am on the run the whole time. I am always running. I want to live a bit.

"I started work at 11 and I haven't really stopped. There's a million things I want to do so I am looking forward to that."

Take That have worked non-stop since they first formed nearly 30 years ago.

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