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PTI Patna
Updated: 26-11-2018 19:49 IST

Senior RJD leader Rabri Devi on Monday

dared the BJP to go for temple construction at Ayodhya

following demand made by right wing organisations like RSS and

VHP to take the ordinance route ignoring the Supreme Court's

order after hearing on the temple issue in January.

She slammed the BJP on Ayodhya issue saying its nothing

but their "poll gimmick" during election time.

"Does the BJP have the courage? Why the BJP is not able to

muster courage to build the Ram Temple (at Ayodhya) ignoring

the Supreme Court verdict. Who is stopping them (from

constructing Ram temple)...Do they (BJP) have guts to do so,"

Rabri Devi, wife of party chief Lalu Prasad, told reporters


It is a poll issue for the BJP, the former Bihar

chief minister said adding that the issue crops up whenever

there is an election.

Asked why the BJP is not building Ram temple when

right wing organisations like RSS and VHP were putting

pressure on it to follow ordinance route to do away with time

taken by the Apex court by fixing a date in January next year

for hearing on the issuie, the former CM said that "You (media

persons) better ask the question to them (BJP). It is their

(BJP) poll gimmick."

The temple would be constructed once the Supreme Court,

which is seized of the matter, finally decides the issue, she

said in reply to mediapersons quries at the assembly premises.

"They (right wing organisations) asking the BJP to

immediately build the temple by ignoring the Apex court's

order... then who has stopped them from doing so"? she asked.

Devi, who is RJD vice president, said "We all want that the

temple should be constructed but with everyone's consent." PTI



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