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Reuters Health News Summary

Updated: 27-11-2018 02:29 IST

Following is a summary of current health news briefs.

South Africa's Aspen launches three-in-one HIV drug

South African drugmaker Aspen Pharmacare on Monday launched a triple-combination tablet for the treatment of HIV in the country where the virus is most prevalent. The company's new Emdolten drug is a once-a-day tablet in the form of dolutegravir, an antiretroviral medication that counters the drug resistance that often develops with older HIV treatments, Aspen said.

FDA puts Zafgen's diabetes trial on hold

Zafgen Inc said on Monday the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had placed a clinical hold on U.S. trials of its experimental diabetes drug, citing possible heart safety risks. Zafgen said it planned to assess the options put forward by the FDA in a letter last week and request a meeting with the agency to discuss the next steps with the clinical trial.

Loved ones with health-care decision-making power often over-confident

(Reuters Health) - People entrusted with decision-making for incapacitated loved ones tend to believe they know what their loved ones would choose - but the vast majority of surrogate decision-makers in a recent study were wrong about loved ones' wishes. Researchers who interviewed patients and their surrogates separately found that just 21 percent of patients and surrogates were on the same page when it came to rating whether specific situations - for example, feeling daily pain, as with a broken bone or appendicitis - would be acceptable.

China's Xiamen Airlines puts pork back on the menu after swine fever 'misunderstanding'

China's Xiamen Airlines has reversed a short-lived ban and resumed serving pork on flights after a "misunderstanding" about the measures being taken to tackle African swine fever, the deadly disease sweeping China's pig herd. The airline, a unit of state-owned China Southern Airlines Co Ltd, said on Friday it would stop serving pork on flights the following day due to swine fever outbreaks in China.

Treating gum disease may help control type 2 diabetes

(Reuters Health) - Treating chronic gum inflammation might help people with diabetes control their disease, a recent study suggests. The 264 study participants all had type 2 diabetes and periodontitis, a chronic bacterial infection of the gums that causes ongoing inflammation and is a major cause of tooth loss for adults.

China orders investigation after scientist claims first gene-edited babies

Chinese health and medical ethics authorities started an investigation on Monday into claims by a scientist who released videos on YouTube saying he had altered the genes of twins born earlier this month, creating the first gene edited babies. The Southern University of Science and Technology in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, where the scientist, He Jiankui, holds an associate professorship, said it had been unaware of the research project and that He had been on leave without pay since February.

Make a meal of mealworms, Hong Kong startup says

Pasta prepared with mealworms raised in your own home? The unusual dinner idea could soon be a reality, if Hong Kong entrepreneur Katharina Unger has her way.

Vectura drops severe asthma treatment after poor trial results

Britain's Vectura Group Plc will stop developing its treatment for severe uncontrolled asthma after a trial showed it failed to have a significant impact on the condition. The announcement is the latest setback for the loss-making drugmaker, which has faced a rocky two years since its $620 million acquisition of rival SkyePharma, which led to lower royalties and higher costs than expected.

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