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PTI Chennai
Updated: 27-11-2018 12:59 IST

The Tamil Nadu police has banned

officials below the rank of a sub-inspector from using mobile

phones while on work, saying it "distracts" them from

discharging official duties.

A recent circular issued by the office of Director

General of Police (DGP) TK Rajendiran, particularly pointed

out at the men in uniform using the mobiles to surf the social


"It is noticed that police personnel deployed on

important bandobust (security) duties, frequently use phones

for Whatsapp etc, and this distracts them from discharging

official duties, particularly at sensitive and critical

times," it said.

Henceforth, only officials above the rank of

sub-inspector can use mobile phones while on duty even as it

is "used only for official purpose," while on important duty,

it said.

"Hence, cell phones should not be used by other ranks

during important duties such as Law and Order, VVIP bandobust,

temple and festival bandobust," it added.

The circular further said the unit officers may decide

on the time and specific places where the restriction would be

in place and directed them to ensure that the instructions

were communicated down the line by way of a circular, besides

reading them out during the daily roll-call.

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