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Beijing launches People's Health Walking Campaign

The launching ceremony marked the start of a series of activities in Beijing's public health walk in 2018.

Beijing launches People's Health Walking Campaign
Running activities provide a more extensive and more expensive display platform for walking fitness stars and walking teams at the grassroots level. (Image credit: Wikipedia)

People's Daily on March 31st Spring is in full swing and everything is recovering. It is a good time for running. On March 31, the 2018 Beijing People's Health Walking Series and the 16th "Housha Tea Cup" spring running a competition in Shunyi District opened at the beautiful Shunyi Olympic Water Park, with Beijing workers and trekking enthusiasts.

The group's 2022 citizen representatives and Shunyi units signed up to participate in the competition. At the same time, the "Spring Tour Season" theme online walking activity started on the same day in the "Weibo Sports" platform, as per People.

Lu Hongze, the deputy inspector of the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau, announced the start of a series of activities for the Beijing Public Health Walking.

Li Xiangying, deputy head of the People's Government of Shunyi District, Cao Jinliang, Director of the Beijing Municipal Social Sports Management Center, and Vice Minister of the Beijing Federation of Trade Unions, Ministry of Education, Longcheng, Beijing Secretary of the Municipal Staff Sports Association Liu Gang and Director of the Shunyi District Sports Bureau Li Cheng attended the event and ordered shots for the athletes.

The launch ceremony marked the start of a series of activities in Beijing's public health walk in 2018. This year, the city will hold a long-distance running race in the spring, the capital employees walking, the Beijing Footprints on foot, the Beijing International Mountain Trekking Conference, and the Sanfu Xiangshan cross-country series, etc.

The districts will also carry out diverse and distinctive series of walking activities in accordance with the characteristics of the region. They will also cooperate with the "Weibo Sports" of Sina to organize multiple online walking events with different themes. It is estimated that the number of participants will reach one million in the whole year, as per People.

The Beijing Citizens' Healthy Walking series of events have been held since 2014. This year is the fifth session. Activities through various levels and groups of people walking and running activities, extensively mobilize the masses to fully participate in walking movements, and develop regular running fitness habits.

Running activities provide a more extensive and more expensive display platform for walking fitness stars and walking teams at the grassroots level.

The spring run in Shunyi District has a history of 28 years. There is a large number of participants and a wide coverage. The influential national fitness brand competition is an important measure for Shunyi District to carry out national fitness work, advocate a green and healthy lifestyle, and build a strong fitness atmosphere. It has received a warm response from the general public.



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