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PTI Pune
Updated: 30-11-2018 19:11 IST

The Indian Army is not yet ready to

have women in combat roles, Army chief Gen Bipin Rawat said


The Army chief, however, said there are several other

fields where the Army is thinking of inducting women, such as

information and psychological warfare.

"We are not yet ready for that (women in combat roles)

as facilities have to be created... Women also need to be

prepared for that kind of hardships," he said.

"It is not easy. Let us not compare ourselves with

Western nations, which are more open," Gen Rawat told

reporters on the sidelines of the Passing Out Parade of the

135th course at the National Defence Academy here.

"Yes, we may be more open in our big cities, but our

Army personnel are not coming from big cities only. They are

coming from rural areas too, where the inter-mingling, which

is expected, is still not there," he said.

"They are already there in education and law, so the

other field we have identified for them is information

warfare, psychological warfare and (we are) also considering

the accounting field where women can be inducted,"he said.

"Women officers are being inducted into all the three

services. But what we have to decide is whether some of them

can be given permanent commission," Gen Rawat said.

The Army has taken a call that there are some aspects

and fields where "we need some kind of continuity and

permanency," he said.

"In a command-oriented army, male officers do not fit

the bill everywhere. The Army needs language interpreters as

military diplomacy is gaining ground. The basic requirement is

understanding the language while talking to other nations,

military to military. So we are looking for women as

interpreters," he said.

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