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Rams DT Suh on Lions' Stafford: 'Just another QB'

Updated: 30-11-2018 20:38 IST

Matthew Stafford is not on the Ndamukong Suh's list of great quarterback teammates, which including Jared Goff and Jay Cutler.

Suh and Stafford, teammates for five seasons with the Detroit Lions selected in the first round in successive drafts, square off Sunday at Ford Field when the Rams and Suh visit Detroit.

"He's just another quarterback that's in our Rams way of getting where we want to go," Suh said.

Stafford was not mentioned by Suh when asked about the great quarterbacks he's played with in his career. Suh is in his first season with the Rams, who are 10-1 entering Week 13. Suh referred to Goff as "the best quarterback I've had."

"That's a great quarterback in Jared," Suh said. "I loved him. I'd say another guy that I enjoyed being around was Jay Cutler. Obviously, playing against him many years in the black and blue division up there in Detroit, being able to get to know him down in Miami, he's a great dude. I enjoy the quarterbacks I've been around, but probably those two the most."

Stafford smirked beneath the brim of his hat when told of the video, posted to Thursday.

"Well done," Stafford said. "Classic Suh. Pretty good stuff."

Stafford said he had a "good experience" with Suh during their time as teammates.

Suh has a reputation around the league as being an abrasive personality and wore out his welcome in Miami. While in Detroit, Suh and Stafford led the Lions to the playoffs twice.

He left in free agency in 2015 to sign a $114 million contract with the Dolphins.

"I'll refrain from my comments about the organization," Suh said after Wednesday's practice at Cal Lutheran. "The city is an amazing city. Great people there. I'm looking forward to seeing a bunch of people. ... But I'll refrain from (comments about) the organization."

--Field Level Media

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