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Art exhibition commenting on 'socio-political times' opens

IANS New Delhi
Updated: 30-11-2018 23:34 IST
Eruptions from a seapod signify life, but even eruptions in our "socio-political times" are "pleasure-less, is what is the message of an exhibition by artist Atul Bhalla that opened here on Friday.

Titled "Anhedonic Dehiscence", the multimedia exhibition shows new and old body of works - including archival prints, diasecs and installation.

The title, formed of terms anhedonia meaning lack of pleasure, and dehiscence meaning eruptions, is a "socio-political metaphor for the times we lives in, where eruptions are not pleasurable anymore", Bhalla told IANS.

"It's about a kind of impotence about not being able to deal with our socio-political times."

The exhibition, which uses archival prints, diasecs and installation, will continue till January 3, 2019.

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