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PTI Mumbai
Updated: 04-12-2018 17:14 IST

An interactive course in basic

ornithology, which includes topics like bird identification,

anatomy, migration and feeding habits, will commence in Pune

from December 10, the organisers said Tuesday.

The course, being conducted by Ela Foundation's

Center for Ornithological Study and Research, will be the 15th

certificate course in basic ornithology, Foundation director

Satish Pande said.

The course running into 40 lectures at AV Hall of

Garware College is imparted on a no-profit no-loss principle,

and is conducted every Monday and Thursday between 6.30 pm and

9.30 pm, Pande told PTI.

"This is India's only interactive course in basic

ornithology and includes over 40 PowerPoint lectures, films

and field visits. The subjects cover conservation of birds

that provide ecological services and are indicators of the

health of our environment," Pande said.

Topics include fundamentals like bird identification,

anatomy, physiology, flight, migration, behaviour, feeding

habits, evolution, ecological role of birds, birds as

bio-indicators, habitats, cultural aspects, bird architects,

bird photography, bird call recording, avian diseases, first

aid, conservation, field study methods, technology for

conservation, and applied ornithological aspects, Pande said.

The course has special simplified talks on bird flu,

wind-farms, vultures, owls, sea birds and house sparrow among

other currently relevant topics. There are four field visits

to introduce the participants to various bird habitats and

techniques for observing birds in a scientific perspective.

Participants will study the elementary techniques of avian

biometry and data documentation, Pande said.

It is timed with the winter migration of birds that

have started arriving. Participants are taken to the field

under expert guidance for habitat and bird watching to

experience and understand how birds are studied and data is

collected, he said.

Ornithology is also recognised by the Savitribai Phule

Pune University as a credit course, he said.

Till date, over a 1,000 alumni of this unique course

are contributing towards bird and nature conservation under

the guidance of Ela Foundation, he said.

The interactive lectures are conducted by a faculty of

eminent ornithologists with over 25 years of field experience.

Past participants include students, teachers, farmers,

housewives, doctors, lawyers, architects, defence service

personnel, artists, journalists, engineers, businessmen and

software experts, Pande said.

Ela Foundation ( has also

conducted this course in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and

parts of Maharashtra, Pande said.

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