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Swedish Centre party leader warns Soc Dems ahead of PM vote-Aftonbladet newspaper

Updated: 04-12-2018 18:41 IST
Sweden's Social Democrats have not been forthcoming in talks on forming a new government and the Centre Party will vote no for a second term for Prime Minister Stefan Lofven if they do not receive a better offer, Centre Party leader Annie Loof said on Tuesday.

Swedish politic have been deadlocked since the inconclusive September election. The Social Democrats are locked in talks with traditional rivals the Centre Party and the Liberals over their demands for backing Lofven for a second term.

"The Social Democrats response to the Centre Party's political demands are unfortunately far from enough," Loof wrote in a signed article in daily Aftonbladet. "Taking that into consideration we are ready to vote no ... but we will give the Social Democrats one final chance." (Reporting by Johan Ahlander; editing by Niklas Pollard)

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