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22nd International Lighting Fair in China's lighting capital Guzhen

The fair utilizes the "1+7" linkage mode between Exhibition & Megastores.

PTI China
Updated: 20-06-2018 13:03 IST
22nd International Lighting Fair in China's lighting capital Guzhen

The fair utilizes the "1+7" linkage mode between Exhibition & Megastores. (Image Credit: Twitter)

China Lighting Capital Guzhen town is the original source of lightings, which occupies 70%+ of the domestic lighting market share. As the best-known business card of Guzhen, China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair (GILF hereafter) has been held for 19 years. What are the distinctive highlights of this autumn exhibition (October 22-26, 2018) Seven attractions are shown below with some data.

I . 2,000 Exhibitors

Based on the lighting production and trade industry cluster of Guzhen, the fair gathers 2,000+ high quality enterprises. To create the "Guzhen Lighting" regional brand with innovation-driven industrial development strategy, the fair will hold a professional, market-oriented, branded, and internationalized lighting purchase feast in autumn.

II . Exhibition Area: 1,500,000 m2

The fair utilizes the "1+7" linkage mode between Exhibition & Megastores. The main venue Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre will join hands with sub-venues, building up a total exhibition area of 1,500,000+ m2.

Sub-venues Advantage Space (sqm) Number of shops

Lihe Lighting

Expo Centre 3+1Integrated positioning 550,000 460

Huayi Plaza 1+5 Comprehensive matching 420,000 336

Star Alliance

Lighting Center Top lighting brand convergence 360,000 356

Lighting International experiential marketing

Era model, seven-star lighting hall

Center 79,000 106

Besun Lighting One-stop shopping (retail, wholesale,

Plaza engineering, etc.) 100,000 73

Huayu Integrated purchasing platform for Chinese

Plaza style household furnishing 50,000 23

China The world's largest LED outdoor

International lighting Expo Center 200,000 72

Streetlight City

III . 26,000 Enterprises

The fair utilizes the innovative mode of "front exhibition, back factory" to create ultrahigh cost efficiency. At present, Guzhen has 26,000 lighting and accessory enterprises, 8,960 lighting merchants, and dozens of professional lighting stores with a total exhibition area of 3000,000+ m2. Besides, it has 3 well-known trademarks in China, 7 famous brand products and 11 renowned trademarks in Guangdong. Its total annual export volume is up to 370 million dollars, and the products are exported to 130+ countries and regions (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Europe and America, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan, Russia, etc).

IV . 2 Exhibitions Linkage

The 22nd GILF (Autumn) will be held concurrently with Guzhen Manufacturing Exhibition. The manufacturing exhibition will build new outdoor halls D and E to cover the the upstream and downstream of lighting industry chain and take full advantage of industrial manufacturing resources, while the GILF focuses on the midstream of the chain. In this way, the two exhibitions complete each other and build strong linkage.

V . Exhibition Hall with 9 Themes

The main venue will perform systematical partition of exhibits with 9 themes as follows:

Hall A: comprehensive brand

Hall B: decorative lighting, household lighting, electrical and electronic products

Hall C: commercial lighting, outdoor lighting

Hall D: Machinery & Equipment

Hall E: lighting accessory, commercial circulation services

VI . 365 Days: all year round online

The fair will further improve the integration of exhibition and network to achieve online and offline synchronous procurement. With 2,500 famous lighting companies at home and abroad and 20,000+ high quality products, the official website "" will more precisely match the purchasing needs of domestic and foreign buyers. And buyers can easily find the counterparts in the Lighting Online Exhibitor Inquiry System.

VII . 20+ High-end Conference Forums

The main venue will hold 20+ high-end events and forums during the fair. Lighting practitioners, industry experts and professional groups will gather together to share the most advanced lighting technologies and market models.

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