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Reuters US Domestic News Summary

Updated: 05-12-2018 18:27 IST

Following is a summary of current US domestic news briefs.

Republican declares win in Georgia elections chief race, Democrat refuses to concede

Republican Brad Raffensperger appeared poised to become Georgia's new elections chief but his Democratic opponent John Barrow declined to concede the race early on Wednesday, saying that every vote has not yet been counted. Some media outlets had already called the secretary of state election in the Republican's favor late on Tuesday.

Texas executes member of 'Texas 7' for policeman's murder

Texas on Tuesday executed a member of the "Texas 7," a group of inmates who killed a police officer at a sporting goods store on Christmas Eve in 2000 after they escaped a maximum security prison days earlier. Joseph Garcia, 47, was pronounced dead at 6:43 p.m. local time. He was put to death by lethal injection in the state's death chamber in Huntsville, the state's department of criminal justice said.

Bush funeral to hark back to 'kinder, gentler' era in U.S. politics

Former President George H.W. Bush's long, full life will be celebrated on Wednesday at a funeral expected to be a remembrance of times past when American politics were less contentious. The 11 a.m. EST (1600 GMT) memorial service at the Washington National Cathedral will display an unusual bipartisan spirit, with both Republican and Democratic politicians gathering to hail the life of a president who called for a "kinder, gentler" nation.

Guardian of New Hampshire primary faces first challenge in decades

Bill Gardner, the New Hampshire official who has zealously guarded his state's position kicking off U.S. presidential races for four decades, could end his long run in office on Wednesday if lawmakers pick a new secretary of state. Gardner, 70, has held that role since 1976, when Democrat Jimmy Carter and Republican Gerry Ford won the state's nominating primary. Now he faces his first challenger in decades in Colin Van Ostern, a failed gubernatorial candidate.

Firearms cause sharp drop in life expectancy for black Americans: study

Guns caused the life expectancy of black Americans to drop by more than four years from 2000 to 2016, twice as much as the decline in life expectancy of white Americans during the same period, according to an academic study published on Tuesday. Assault with firearms accounted for more than three years of the drop among black Americans, while the rest reflected suicides by gun, according to the report in BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine.

Driver sobbed after learning he killed woman at Virginia rally

The white nationalist who drove a car into a crowd of counterprotesters at a Virginia rally last year began sobbing and whimpering after his arrest when police told him he had killed someone, according to video played at his trial on Tuesday. Within minutes of the mayhem at the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville on Aug. 12, 2017, James Fields could be heard on footage recorded by a detective's body-worn camera saying he acted in self-defense.

Video shows migrant kids dropped over Arizona border fence

A video showing young children being dropped by a suspected smuggler from an 18-foot (5.5-meter) border fence in Arizona into the arms of their family was released by U.S. Border Patrol on Monday. The Yuma, Arizona sector of the U.S.-Mexico border has seen a sharp rise in illegal entries by migrant families as authorities tighten controls at Tijuana and Mexicali border crossings to the west with the arrival of a Central American immigrant caravan.

Pentagon extends Mexico border mission until end of January

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has approved a request to extend the deployment of troops to the U.S. border with Mexico until the end of January, a U.S. official said on Tuesday, a move that had been largely expected. The U.S. official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the support would include "limited aviation, engineering, medical, and military police capabilities." The current authorization was set to expire on Dec. 15.

Mourners line up to honor former President Bush at U.S. Capitol

The historic and ornate U.S. Capitol Rotunda was hosting mourners on Tuesday paying respects to the 41st U.S. president, George H.W. Bush, who died last week at the age of 94 and will be buried on Thursday in his home state of Texas. A casket bearing Bush's body arrived on the Capitol grounds at sunset on Monday for a ceremony led by congressional leaders who celebrated the life of the Republican president and father of the 43rd president, George W. Bush.

'Badass' national security women offer Democrats a Trump antidote

Virginia Democrat Abigail Spanberger had a potent defense against attacks by President Donald Trump and other Republicans casting her party as weak on national security: her career as a covert CIA counter-terrorism officer. In November's elections, she was one of five Democratic women with national security or military backgrounds who captured Republican-held U.S. House of Representatives seats. "The Badasses," as the women have dubbed themselves, had no political experience. Yet several won districts Republicans dominated for decades.

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