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PTI mumbai India
Updated: 05-12-2018 20:27 IST

On the eve of the 62nd death

anniversary of Dalit icon Dr Babasaheb.Ambedkar, a two-day

exhibition of paintings based on the theme of secularism was

inaugurated at Chaitya.Bhoomi at Dadar in central Mumbai on


Lakhs of followers of Dr Ambedkar from various parts

of the country visit Chaitya.Bhoomi on his death anniversary

on December 6 every year.

The Secular Movement, Maharashtra has organised this

exhibition to mark the day.

More than 30 paintings of noted artists, including

Pramodbabu Ramteke, Moggalani Shravasti, Prakash Bhise, Dilip

Badhe, Farooque Nadaf and others, are on display.

"The theme of the painting exhibition is secularism.

Only secularism can stop the communal paranoia that is rising

in the society these days," said Gautamiputra Kamble,

president of Secular Movement.

Painters from Kolhapur, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur,

Allahabad and Satara have showcased their art at the

exhibition, he said.

Bharat Shelke, retired assistant commissioner of

police and vice president of the organisation said, "After the

exhibition, the Secular Movement will also bring together at

least 1,000 artists from across the country under the banner

of 'Artists Against Communalism' and they will display

secularism through their paintings." PTI DC



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