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PTI mumbai India
Updated: 06-12-2018 00:03 IST

The Maharashtra government has set

up a 'war room' at the state secretariat complex here to

complete the mega recruitment process as per the new caste

reservation quota.

An official said the government may complete the

process of recruitment for all the 72,000 posts at one go

before February, instead of filling 36,000 posts spread over

two years.

A bill that grants 16 per cent reservation to the

members of the Maratha community in government jobs and

education in Maharashtra was unanimously passed by both the

Houses of the state legislature last week, meeting a

long-pending demand of the influential community, which

constitutes 33 per cent of the state's population of around 13


"The idea is to fill the posts before the Bombay High

Court stays the decision. It will help the ruling party get

Maratha votes in the Lok Sabha and Assembly polls scheduled in

2019," the government official said.

In the last budget session of the state legislature,

Chief minister Devendra Fadnavis had announced that 72,000

vacant posts will be filled in two phases.

The vacant posts to be filled are spread across

departments like Agriculture, Public Health, Home, Animal

Husbandry, Public Works Department, Water Resources, Water

Conservation, Fisheries and Urban Development departments.

On Wednesday, the government set up a war room on the

seventh floor of the state secretariat to handle the mega

recruitment process smoothly. The first meeting of all the

departments concerned was held there.

The senior official who attended the meeting said the

government was keen on finishing the process of recruitment as

soon as possible.

"However, it would depend on the Information and

Technology (IT) department, which will play a key role in the

process," he said.

"The process of filling up of all 72,000 posts will be

started now. It is scheduled to be completed before the Lok

Sabha code of conduct comes into effect and before a possible

stay by the high court," he added.

The state may issue an order delegating the powers to

fill few posts at the ground level by the district collector

or tehsil to save time, he added.

Meanwhile, the state general administration department

(GAD) Wednesday issued a government resolution stating that

Marathas would be able to get 16 per cent reservation in the

remaining 48 per cent posts in the open category and no share

of 16 per cent in 100 per cent vacant posts.

"This means that Marathas would get only 8 per cent

reservation of the existing 52 per cent reservation," the

official said.

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