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Updated: 06-12-2018 11:26 IST

After a wait of 53 years,

octogenarians Binoy Nandi and Birendra Kumar Shil of the

border town of Belonia in Tripura once again heard the whistle

of a train, with a CSR inspection team conducting a safety

check on the newly built railway track from Santir Bazar to


A railway station on the East Pakistan side was two

kilometres away from Belonia town and the raiway tracks upto

that station were removed by the Pakistan government after the

Indo-Pak war in 1965.

Commissioner of Railway Safety Sailesh Kumar Pathak

along with senior officials of NF Railway on Sunday conducted

the safety inspection of the 9.8 km long track between Santir

Bazar and Belonia in South Tripura district.

"Inspection on the track was successful and the

construction work was outstanding," he told reporters in


During the inspection, some minor loopholes were

identified which would be removed by the Northeast Frontier

Railway (NFR) authorities immediately and the track would be

fully ready for trains after that, he said.

The sleepy town of Belonia, bordering the Indo-Bangla

border, is 110 km from the state capital.

"I was awe-struck as soon as I heard the whistle of

a train near my house.

"I used to hear the whistle blow 53 years ago as the

train station on the Pakistan side was just two kilometres

away from my town, but after the Indo-Pak war, the train line

was removed," said Binoy Nandi, a retired head master of

Vidyapith Higher Secondary School here.

He said, the other side of the border is known as

Parashuram and the name of the railway station was Belonia.

since people from Belonia town used to board trains from


"Till the Indo-Pak war broke out in 1965, our

movement through East Pakistan was not restricted," Nandi


Birendra Kumar Shil, a retired librarian of Ishwar

Chandra Vidyasagar Government Degree College here, said

the people of Belonia were able to enjoy railway service

through East Pakistan even after partition of the country.

"We used to go from here till Feni, a district town

now in Bangladesh, from where we could get transport till

Chittagong or Dhaka.

After conducting the inspection, Pathak said, "A

passenger train can run on the track at 100 km per per hour

without any trouble."

As per the procedure, the CRS will forward his

observation to Railways Board for approval of running

passenger train on the newly constructed track.

It is likely that people of Santir Bazar and Belonia

will be able to board an Agartala-bound passenger train very

soon, Kumar said.

The railway track from Santir Bazar to Belonia

comprises 39 bridges, 24 minor bridges, 4 ROBs (Road Over

Bridges), 10 RUB (Road under Bridges) and subways.

"Reviving this old route was a long standing demand

of the locals," Nandi said.

The state is gradually appearing on the railway map

of the country with conversion of meter gauge to broad gauge

in 2016.

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