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Hot-headed cops could pay visit to psychiatrist, says Goa DGP

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Updated: 07-12-2018 18:55 IST
Hot-headed cops could pay visit to psychiatrist, says Goa DGP

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Ill-tempered policemen will be subjected to counselling and psychiatric treatment, Goa Director General of Police (DGP) Muktesh Chander said on Friday.

The top cop also said that criminal proceedings would be initiated against police personnel who lose their cool and misbehave while dealing with members of the public.

"There are various institutions, courts, Human Rights Commission, vigilant media and public. So any misconduct or misbehaviour with the public will not go unpunished. I have instructed DIGs and other police officers to go to people and talk to them, find out the problem," Chander told a meeting of senior police officials in Panaji.

"If in spite of all this, if someone cannot control his cool, he needs counselling, psychiatric treatment. If he cannot correct himself and still indulges in such behaviour, we will take very heavy action against him. I cannot allow one such trash to spoil entire police force in Goa," Chander also said.

The caution comes at a time when the state police force is facing a backlash after a couple of incidents involving police officials thrashing members of the public became public knowledge.

One of the incidents involved bashing up of an FC Goa team fan last month by police officials at the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium in south Goa.

A video capturing the assault on the young fan and his parents went viral on social media, forcing the police to initiate a probe, which led to the suspension of the some of the personnel.

"The recent two cases have damaged the reputation of the police force. It is a matter of serious concern. One bad incident has the potential to spoil the good work done during the entire year. You do a hundred good work, they are forgotten. You do one bad work, people remember that," Chander said.

The DGP also warned of strict action against policemen crossing the line and dealing with members of the public in a shoddy manner.

"First consequence will be registration of FIR against such police personnel, then internal inquiry. The second would be immediate suspension and departmental inquiry," Chander said.

Chander also asked police station in-charges to identify police personnel who have a history of having an ill-temper and report them to the police headquarters.

(With inputs from agencies.)