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Swimming Santa? Something fishy going on at Budapest aquarium

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Updated: 07-12-2018 19:16 IST
Swimming Santa? Something fishy going on at Budapest aquarium

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As if delivering presents to all the world's 2 billion children while in charge of nine reindeer and a flying vehicle, squeezing down chimneys and entering strangers' houses weren't enough, Santa Claus has to contend with a new risk - feeding sharks.

The Tropicarium Aquarium in Budapest prepared a festive surprise for its seven sharks and other fish, sending divers dressed as Santa into the 1.4 million litre aquarium to set up a Christmas tree, which they decorated with shells.

Biologist and diver David Derbak said the sharks enjoyed Santa Day, showing a lot of interest in the divers' brightly coloured clothing.

"They are interested in our hats and clothes, and are surprised because it is not every day they see people dressed like this going down to them," he said.

Dec. 6 is the feast day of St Nicholas, whose story is the foundation for Santa Claus. Countries across Europe mark the day when small presents are given to children.

(With inputs from agencies.)