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Peru to propose Lima Group nations cut ties with Venezuela

Updated: 08-12-2018 07:20 IST
Peru wants about a dozen countries in the region to break diplomatic relations with Venezuela in the hope of pressuring President Nicolas Maduro and bringing down his government, Peru's foreign minister said on Friday.

The measure would be the sharpest rebuke of Maduro so far from the so-called Lima Group since it was formed in August 2017 to push for democratic reforms in Venezuela. Members include Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Paraguay.

Peru might not be able to get all 14 Lima Group nations on board with its proposal. But Peruvian Foreign Minister Nestor Popolizio said it might help embolden the opposition.

"What we aspire is for there to be important international pressure ... to prompt the mobilization of the opposition to establish a transition mechanism and end Maduro's regime," Popolizio told a news conference with international media.

Maduro has accused the Lima Group of being part of a U.S.-led international conspiracy to topple him and take control of Venezuela's oil resources.

Venezuela's embassy in Peru did not immediately respond to requests for comment outside regular business hours.

Popolizio reiterated that Peru and the Lima Group was opposed to military intervention to remove Maduro.

Peru will propose cutting diplomatic ties with Caracas in upcoming Lima Group meetings, including a foreign ministers' meeting in January and a lower-level gathering will take place this month, Popolizio said. (Reporting by Mitra Taj; Editing by Daniel Wallis)

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