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PTI Thiruvai
Updated: 19-12-2018 13:45 IST

For the first time in

the country, captive jumbos in Kerala have now got their own

genetic IDs, thanks to an unique DNA database initiative of

the state government.

The Forest department, with the technical support of the

Rajiv Gandhi Center for Biotechnology (RGCB) here, has

prepared the DNA database of all the registered captive jumbos

across the state.

The database would act as an authentic record and data

tosettle any kind of disputeregardingthe peculiarities and

ownership of jumbos, the department officials said.

It is also expected to address the illegal trade, forgery

of ownership certificates and othermalpractices related to

captive jumbos,an official statement said here.

The DNA profiling of as many as 519 elephants, registered

with the department, has been completed.

With this, Kerala has become the first in the country to

have prepared the DNA-based genetic ID of its entire captive

jumbo population, it said.

As part of the initiative, the forest department had

collected the blood samples of tuskers based on which theRGCB

experts had prepared the DNA fingerprint of each elephant

using theMicro-satelliteMarker technique.

"The Department is now planning to develop a mobile app

to make use of the information available in the database," the

release said.

From now onwards, the Forest department would provide

identity cards, with QR codes having DNA details, to the

owners of the captive elephants along with its ownership

certificate, it said.

Director of RGCB, M Radhakrishna Pillai handed over the

project report and the details of the DNA finger prints toP C

Kesavan, Chief Wildlife Warden, at a function here Tuesday.



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