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PTI Chennai
Updated: 19-12-2018 22:37 IST

CF rolls out MEMU with underslung propulsion technology

Chennai, Dec 19 (PTI): Integral Coach Factory Wednesday

unveiled its first MEMU with underslung propulsion technology,

introduced in its flagship 'Train 18', India's first

engine-less semi-high speed train.

The prototype of the Mainline Electrical Multiple Unit

(MEMU), dubbed 'little sister' of Train 18 by the ICF, was

flagged off Wednesday.

Meant for suburban trains, the Rs 26-crore prototype can

run at a speed between 110 kmph to 130 kmph and would be

allotted to Northern Railway, an ICF release said.

The underslung propulsion technology enabled saving of

space and ICF would introduce the feature in EMUs

(Electric Multiple Units) as well, it said.

The MEMUs currently have a capacity to carry 2,402

passengers, while the new MEMUs with six passenger coaches can

carry upto 2,618 passengers, the release said.

Prior to commercial operation, the train would undergo

tests and trials, it said.

The MEMU has various provisions, including 'talk back

system' to enable passengers converse with the driver during

emergencies, a CCTV surveillance system, cushion seats and

screw-less interior panels, the release said.

ICF also unveiled its first self-propelled inspection

car (SPIC), which does not require diesel or an electric

locomotive to haul an inspection coach, it said.

"ICF has now turned out the first-ever SPIC for Indian

Railways. The prototype SPIC has been manufactured at a cost

of around Rs 4.5 crore," the release said, adding that the

expensive-to-operate diesel or electric locomotives meant to

haul passengers coaches would no longer be used for


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