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PTI shillong India
Updated: 19-12-2018 22:48 IST

The Punjabi community here on

Wednesday urged Governor Tathagata Roy to disband a state

governemnt formed panel, headed by the deputy chief minister,

for allegedly issuing orders with an intent to displace

members of the community.

Leaders of the Harijan Panchayat Committee, an

organisation representing the community, also requested Roy to

take proactive steps to ensure that the authorities provide

land pattas to the 218 Sikh families living in the area.

The government set up a high level committee headed by

Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tyngsong to consider all

aspects of the violence that took place earlier this year.

The High Level Committee "has been issuing illegal

orders for survey of properties of the poor Sikhs to the

Shillong Municipal Board with the intention of dislocation of

Sikhs," Harijan Panchayat Committee chairman Gurjit Singh said

in a memorandum submitted to the governor.

The High Level Committee has been acting in a biased

and malafide manner, he alleged.

The delegation informed the Governor that the Sikhs

came from Punjab more than two centuries ago to serve the army

here and became part and parcel of this society over the


Although non-indigenous people do not have the rights

to own land in the state, the community urged the governor of

their struggle for right to live and right to housing.

The delegation also requested the Governor to direct

the state government to officially name the area as "Punjabi


Currently the area where the Punjabi community people

live here is known as Sweepers' Colony.

Meghalaya government recently expressed unhappiness

with the decision of the Punjab government approving Rs 60

lakh compensation to the Sikh community residing here who were

affected during the violence in June.

On May 29 this year, clashes erupted when a bus driver

and his friend were attacked at the Sweepers Colony area and

they received injuries. As rumours of the assaulted victims

dying in hospital spread on social media, people attacked the

residents following which the entire area was put under curfew

for over a month.

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