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PTI kolkata India
Updated: 04-01-2019 23:05 IST

Kolkata police on Friday foiled a

suicide threat by a Dibrugarh-based youth, who climbed the

fencing of the Howrah Bridge and attempted to jump into the

Hooghly river, after a three-hour long effort.

The 30-year-old youth, identified as Hemant Gohain, a

mechanical engineer, climbed the fencing a little before 5 pm,

and shouted that unless his demands were not met, he would

jump into the river, Officer-in-Charge of the North Port

Police Station Partha Mukherjee said.

In broken Bengali, he was demanding that arrangements

be made for his meeting with several ministers, and some

specific food items.

Suspecting him as mentally deranged, the police kept

ready the river traffic police as well as a disaster

management team, while tried to convince him to return on the

safe side of the bridge.

Traffic was also diverted temporarily, the police

officer said.

Finally the youth was rescued around 8 pm, after three

hours attempt.

Police took him to a city hospital for check up.

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