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Shatrughan Sinha favours JPC probe in Rafale deal

PTI patna India
Updated: 04-01-2019 23:31 IST

Disgruntled BJP leader Shatrughan Sinha on Friday favoured setting up a Joint Parliamentary Committee to look into alleged financial irregularities in the Rafale deal, a demand that has been vehemently demanded by the opposition parties led by the Congress.

Deploring the pandemonium that was witnessed in Parliament during the day over the issue, the actor-turned-politician, who represents Patna Sahib Lok Sabha seat, remarked "by suppressing the truth we complicate matters, leading to heated arguments".

"Today, the scenario in Parliament was very complicated for people. Day by day it's getting worse. When we have nothing to hide, and are not guilty.....but by suppressing the truth we complicate matters leading to heated arguments and cross chair fire," Sinha tweeted.

Addressing Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whom he did not mention by name but by the honorific "Sir" in his trademark style, Sinha said in another tweet, "Why not nip this in the bud right in the beginning and listen to wise people and give the matter to JPC. After all, honesty and transparency must go together. Jai Hind!"

The former Union minister has, for quite some time, been critical of the Modi government as well as the party leadership on a number of occasions and shared the stage with those opposed to the current regime triggering speculations about his future political moves.

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