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Timothee Chalamet's weight loss worried his mom

IANS los angeles India
Updated: 05-01-2019 06:20 IST
Actor Timothee Chalamet says his mother was worried when she saw how much weight he had lost for his role as a drug addict in "Beautiful Boy".

The young actor had shed around 8.1 kg for his role as drug addict Nic Sheff in the film, reported

"My mum was worried. First, I'm in a movie where I was having sex with a peach ('Call Me By Your Name'), and then it was like, 'I got another movie!' She said, 'Great!' And then I had to tell her what it was about," Chalamet told W Magazine.

"Beautiful Boy" is based on Sheff's acclaimed book about his battles with drug abuse and his relationship with his father.

Chalamet reveals he researched drug use and abuse before auditioning for the part in the hope he would land the role.

"It was a script they'd been trying to get made for 10 years. Every guy actor my age had gone up for it. I've been lucky, but a lot of the bigger Hollywood movies like 'Spider-Man', things like that, I didn't get. So, for 'Beautiful Boy', I did a lot of research and read about drugs, and I brought the books to my first meeting with the director."

"I could see in his eyes that he was thinking, 'This kid is nuts!' But I felt this movie - the subject of drug addiction - was so important. I wanted to make an anti-glorification-of-drugs movie. And I think we did," Chalamet said.

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