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Karen Elson became model to escape everyday life

IANS london India
Updated: 05-01-2019 08:06 IST
Model-turned-musician Karen Elson says she became a model because she wanted "to escape" everyday life.

In an interview to Vogue UK, Elson spoke about her glamourous journey and how she entered into the world of modelling, reported

"There was this one girl who was really into make-up - she was a bit of a goth, actually - and she said to me, you could be a model. And I thought, maybe I could. I wanted to get out, I wanted to escape as quickly as possible and that seemed like the way.

"I took a chance on myself, and sometimes you've got to do that. I have tenacity in spades. I didn't look in the mirror and go, I'm so drop dead gorgeous I could do this, it was more like... I read 'the face' and I'd flip through and think, I am that girl," she added.

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