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NC ready to fight 'machinations' aimed at subverting democracy, claims Omar

NC ready to fight 'machinations' aimed at subverting democracy, claims Omar

PTI India
Updated: 16-07-2018 19:25 IST

National Conference vice president Omar Abdullah today claimed his party was ready to fight all "overt and covert machinations" aimed at "subverting democracy" in Jammu and Kashmir.

Everyone has a right to seek the trust and faith of the people as democracy is a right but subverting democracy through "machinations and covert arrangements with the powers that be" is a sin and a "contempt" of the aspirations of the people, Abdullah said addressing a party meeting here.

The former chief minister was apparently referring to speculation that some disgruntled MLAs from several parties, including the PDP, might cobble up a third front to form a government in the state with the support of the BJP.

"The National Conference is a party that has withstood more conspiracies than historians can record. We have always fought against intrigues and ploys to weaken our resolve to be the voice of the people. We will continue to fight with the same spirit and will defeat those inclined towards fooling and betraying the people of the state," he said.

Abdullah said the party was formed on a strong, unshakeable bedrock of honour and faith and the sacrifices rendered by thousands of party workers and leaders were guiding inspirations that can never be compromised with.

“Our politics is entrenched in our ideology and our principles and for the National Conference power is not the destination but a means to serve the people of our state. We are accountable to the people and will remain accountable to the people. In serving our people and our state we find our purpose," he added.

Abdullah reviewed organisational activities and outreach initiatives in all districts and constituencies of the Kashmir province and asked party legislators and leaders to reach out to the youth and empower them to take on the challenges that the state is faced with.

Asking party legislators and functionaries to highlight the grievances and genuine demands of the people, Abdullah said the three and a half years of the erstwhile PDP-BJP alliance had created a sense of disillusionment and disenchantment that can be dealt only with reconciliation and selfless public service.

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