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JD(U) leader criticises Giriraj Singh for jibe on Rahul Gandhi

The JD(U) had walked out of the Grand Alliance comprising RJD and Congress last year after corruption cases surfaced against Tejashwi Yadav.

PTI India
Updated: 16-07-2018 20:33 IST

A JD(U) leader in Bihar today criticised Union minister Giriraj Singh for taking communal jibe on Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

JD(U) MLC and its state spokesman Neeraj Kumar's comment came as a reaction to Giriaj Singh's statement yesterday wherein he had accused the Congress of Muslim appeasement and alleged "Rahul Gandhi attends a beef party while in Kerala but wears a sacred thread when he goes to Gujarat".

"All elected representatives, during their swearing in, take the pledge to preserve the country's unity and integrity. Democracy depends on lok laaj (public decency).

Even God can not help those who do not uphold these values in public life", Neeraj.Kumar told a regional news channel here.

"In this country, as per the Constitution, every citizen has the freedom to choose his lifestyle, his food. Such utterances, however, are not going to affect us in any manner.

We have never supported such views. We have always ensured that rule of law prevails in Bihar", Kumar said.

Notably, Singh's recently meeting some jailed Bajrang Dal activists accused of communal clashes in his Nawada Lok

Sabha constituency and his utterances after visiting house of one of the jailed activist alleging he saw the arrests as an

"attempt to suppress the Hindus" was disapproved by Chief Minister Nitish.Kumar as "not acceptable."

"We can not say what the Centre should do about such remarks made by a central minister. But our stand is clear. We have entered into a political alliance to facilitate good governance. We are not going to compromise on the issue of communal harmony", Neeraj.Kumar said.

Meanwhile, the JD(U) MLC also launched a blistering attack on RJD leader and former Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav, who has come up with some acerbic tweets over some incidents of crimes against women in Bihar.

Calling the 28-year-old RJD heir apparent "twitter baua" (brat), Kumar said "the sharp drop in crimes of all types, especially those against women, is proof that your party, which is known for lumpenization of politics, was interfering in governance and giving the administration a bad name".

The JD(U) had walked out of the Grand Alliance comprising RJD and Congress last year after corruption cases surfaced against Tejashwi Yadav.

Referring to the RJD's state-wide "bicycle rally" against the Nitish.Kumar government, the JD(U) MLC remarked,

"please go ahead. Your tour will show you a mirror. Your cycle ride will be facilitated by the smooth roads that Nitish.Kumar government has built.

"You will find electricity everywhere, no lanterns (a pun at RJD's symbol). You will realize what crimes your father (RJD supremo Lalu Prasad) had committed against the state during the 15 years of his rule".

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