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SpeakIn Finds its Latest Investor in Aditya Ghosh, CEO South Asia OYO

SpeakIn Finds its Latest Investor in Aditya Ghosh, CEO South Asia OYO

One of Asia's tallest "nofollow" >Expert Networks to have been born out of India, "nofollow" >SpeakIn is delighted to announce latest round funding by none other than "nofollow" >Aditya Ghosh backed Homage Ventures. Aditya Ghosh is one of India's most celebrated and well respected business leaders known for his penchant for consumer business and encouraging disruptive business ideas. With this influx, "nofollow" >SpeakIn is all set to launch the first-of-its kind '"nofollow" >Expert Platform' and become the world's window to Asian expertise. Homage Ventures has interests in other consumer brands such as Slurrpfarm and Blue Tokai.

SpeakIn is one of India's first and Asia's largest tech-enabled "nofollow" >network of Experts with over 15,000 illustrious names across over 500 genres. With its clients including world's leading business organizations, investment professionals and associations among others, the company has been disrupting the market by making experts easily accessible for one-on-one discussions and as speakers for events and conferences among other forums.

Talking about his association with "nofollow" >SpeakIn, "nofollow" >Aditya comments, "How to sieve through the sponsored, unverified and ever-expanding sea of information? Investors, corporations, academics and individual leaders continually seek primary, reliable, and customized expertise for their decision making, development, and strategic direction. This is where SpeakIn can create a mark by being a trusted partner for any organization or leader wanting to hear from the best of experts."

Having started as a purely offline model in 2016, "nofollow" >SpeakIn, in the last year has built an open-search platform and simultaneously expanded its operations to Mumbai, Bengaluru and Singapore with Delhi as the base. Garnering an 8-digit turnover, the company is expecting a 15x jump in the revenues this year riding on its proprietary "nofollow" >tech-platform, and its global expansion into key Asian markets like Singapore and Hong Kong. The past quarter itself saw SpeakIn expanding its expert network to twelve countries in Asia, including Israel, Turkey, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand among others.

"Our association with Aditya goes back to the days when SpeakIn was still in its nascent stage. Being one of our experts, Aditya has closely observed the amount of grit and effort the team continuously puts in the company which has resulted in "nofollow" >SpeakIn becoming what it is today," comments "nofollow" >Deepshikha Kumar, Founder and Managing Partner, SpeakIn on the occasion. She adds, "When we started, India was a still very 'I-know-so-and-so' market. Experts were brought on-board for trainings, speaker sessions, on-on-one consultations solely on the basis of who the CEO or the Learning Head of the organization knew. With SpeakIn's curated Expert Network, you get a single, trusted and cost-effective way of connecting with reliable subject-matter experts and thought leaders, empowering you to hear straight from the 'horse's mouth'. We've managed to minimize the six degrees of separation among the who's- who of the world's top leaders, and we're still just getting started."

About SpeakIn

"nofollow" >SpeakIn hosts its wide base of experts on a highly curated web platform, which is set to witness a marked increase. The company has already set in place a strong compliance framework on data, privacy and IP across geographies, in-sync with the highest international standards and its focus continues to be on the quality of experts profiled. In the last year, SpeakIn raised funding from other industry giants, including Royal Enfield CEO - "nofollow" >Vinod Dasari and Max Healthcare Chairman - "nofollow" >Padma Shri Dr. Pradeep Chowbey.

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