Max Protein Forays into Cookies Segment with Soft Protein Cookies

Max Protein range of products like Bars, Cookies, Chips provides Sustained Energy from Protein to go through the hectic daily life. The fact cannot be denied that everyones life is packed with so many routine activities that even involves a lot of physical tasks.

PTI | Mumbai | Updated: 04-03-2021 15:26 IST | Created: 04-03-2021 15:26 IST
Max Protein Forays into Cookies Segment with Soft Protein Cookies

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (NewsVoir) After successfully carving a niche for itself in the health food market, FMCG brand ‘Max Protein’ has now forayed into the premium cookies segment by launching its all new seven-grain breakfast soft Protein Cookies available in three different flavours - choco chips, oats & raisins and nuts & seeds. Each protein cookie contains 10 gm of protein and calcium, equivalent to a glass of milk (300 ml), 4 gm fiber that is equivalent to an apple (150 gm). Founder & CEO Mr. Vijay Uttarwar said, “Health/functionality is important for Indian consumers while choosing cookies, the key driver of choice in the category still remains sensory satisfaction – ‘Taste’. Recently, we have launched Max Protein Cookies with clutter breaking communication MAX PROTEIN - THE BIG TASTY COOKIE, being big in size, delivering on taste, having soft & chewy mouthfeel, as well as ticking all the health parameter with the 7 grains, Protein, Calcium, No Maida.” Max Protein is well-known brand making products like protein bar, high protein chips, launched first in India by the firm and now protein cookies as well. Recently, the food firm launched a campaign for protein bars namely ‘#KyunkiZindagiGymSeKamNahi’ both online and offline. Meanwhile, it released a TVC on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter. The purpose of the campaign was to promote healthy lifestyle with protein bars. Every year over 1 crore of protein bars are being sold by the company. Also in 2019, protein bars was recognised as ‘Best Snack of the Year' by CIMS. Sharing about Max Protein, Mr. Uttarwar said, “Today, we are leading busy lives, classes, housework, office work, running around & other commitments are keeping us occupied throughout the day. Our life is like a gym (KyonkiZindagi Gym se Kam Nahi) – so we need quick but nutritious, high on protein snacks that provide sustained energy to go through the entire day. Max Protein range of products like Bars, Cookies, Chips provides Sustained Energy from Protein to go through the hectic daily life.” The fact cannot be denied that everyone’s life is packed with so many routine activities that even involves a lot of physical tasks. Therefore, protein intake for SUSTAINED ENERGY is important to carry out such activities. Thus, Max Protein drawn a positive metaphoric resemblance of hectic life schedule to THE GYM CALLED LIFE which translates into communication message as ''Kyunki Zindagi Gym se Kam Nahi'' in its recent campaign for Max Protein Bars. “To ensure that our products deliver the claims, we have done clinical research, based on an independent study, majority of the respondents claimed that RiteBite Max Protein Daily bars provide sustained energy upto 2 hours &RiteBite Max Protein Active Bars provide sustained energy for up to 4 hours. Consuming Max Protein bars on daily basis provide protein energy for your daily life,” Mr. Vijay added. Flavours and Best Time to Have Bars, Chips and Cookies The healthy Max Protein bars are available in multiple healthy flavours - choco almond, choco berry, choco classic, fruit & nut, almond apricot, green tea orange, green coffee beans, honey lemon, choco slim and choco fudge are best if consumed pre or post-workout as it fulfils the body need while working out, also can be consumed in hurried mornings, or in long meeting or commute. The protein chips and cookies can be consumed anytime, maybe for 5 pm hunger or for midnight carving. Why Max Protein? As the muscles are primarily made from protein, the right amount of protein strengthens it, helping you efficiently engage in daily activities and tasks. Lack of protein leads to tiredness. A wholesome source of protein helps SUSTAINED ENERGY for a longer period of time. An adequate intake of protein and fiber provides balanced nutrition, making you feel full and satisfied. Strengths of Protein Bars, Chips and Cookies Max Protein’s healthy snack products are a blend of protein and fibre, which provides sustained energy. Meanwhile, it is having enough protein that helps in building block of muscles and improve alertness and activeness. It is pertinent to mention that all the products are having a long shelf life of six-nine months without any preservatives. Also, the snack are low on sugar with no artificial sweeteners. Max Protein is a homegrown brand, which believes in the ideology of Go Vocal for Local, and all the products are manufactured in India. With this, the company aims to make India Protein Rich and nutritionally efficient with a product range that is high on protein and energy, it addresses the needs of every member in the household. There is a need of strong ecosystem in India, to educate, make aware, engage people in regard to health culture, Max Protein will take a lead for such initiatives. Get the glimpse of the recent campaign – Max Protein - KyonkiZindagi Gym Se Kam Nahi: Explore Max Protein range of products at: Image 1: Max Protein - The Big Tasty Cookie Image 2: Max Protein Snacks PWR PWR

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