3 times more fibre cable needed to make Haryana digitally advanced: COAI

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3 times more fibre cable needed to make Haryana digitally advanced: COAI
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The Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) has written a letter to the Haryana government seeking permission for laying aerial optical fibre cables on electricity poles and other utility structures in the state.

COAI has pointed out that if Haryana wants to become a digitally advanced state, it will need three times more optical fibre cable, COAI said in a statement here on Friday.

In a letter to Haryana Chief Secretary Vijai Vardhan, the COAI said high-speed broadband offers a unique opportunity to bridge the rural-urban digital divide.

''Augmenting high-speed broadband capacities through faster deployment of optical fibre cable is an immediate need of the telecom sector. And, the most economical and fastest way of laying fibre cable is the aerial way by using poles,'' the letter said.

Citing the Odisha government's policy, COAI said that apart from Odisha, several other states like Bihar, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab have encouraged and allowed right of way (RoW) rules for using electricity poles and other utility structures for installation of aerial fibre.

Provisions have been laid down in the policies of various states and UTs that the applicant should be allowed to make an agreement with the concerned electricity distribution company (discom) for the utilisation of the electric poles/ distributed network systems at an affordable rate, the COAI statement said.

COAI requested the Haryana government to issue directions to the state's power distribution companies to allow telecom service providers the use of existing/upcoming EB poles/ LT poles/ electricity poles to carry optical fibre cable/aerial cabling.

It should be at the rate prescribed in the Haryana Communication and Connectivity Infrastructure Policy, 2017, and the Information Technology, Electronics and Communication Department, Government of Haryana Notification dated August 7, 2019, the statement said.

The COAI letter said augmenting high-speed broadband capacities through faster deployment of optical fibre cables is an immediate need of the telecom sector to carry huge data traffic of mobile networks.

It added that as per the National Broadband Mission (NBM) targets, fibre cable needs to be increased from 22 lakh kilometres to 50 lakh kilometres for providing last-mile connectivity.

In Haryana, till March 2021, the total length of optical fibre cable that was laid was 48,603 kilometres.

Referring to 'A Study on Cost-Benefit Analysis of Fibre-Optic Co-Deployment with the Asian Highway Connectivity' done by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific dated 2014, COAI highlighted that laying of aerial fibre on existing LT poles/street furniture leads to rapid and cost-effective deployment of broadband infrastructure.

The state government gets benefited by monetising existing poles/ street furniture to achieve economic and social benefits by building broadband infrastructure quickly and cost-effectively.

This will further help in achieving the Digital India vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and put Haryana on a fast track to accomplish that vision.

Focus on communication and connectivity infrastructure helps a state attract much-needed investments, the COAI letter said.

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