Book by wife, mother of 26/11 terror attack victims to release next month

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Book by wife, mother of 26/11 terror attack victims to release next month
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A new book about how to deal with grief in the face of emotional obstacles, written by debut author Kia Scherr, who lost her husband and teenage daughter in the 26/11 terror attacks, will be released next month, Penguin Random House India (PRHI) announced on Friday announced.

The book, ''Forgiveness Is A Choice: Teachings About Peace and Love'', will hit the stands on December 22.

Friday, November 26, 2021 marks the 23rd anniversary of the 2008 attacks that resulted in the death of 166 people, including 18 security personnel, and injuring several others during the 60-hour siege in Mumbai.

''Every day we each have a choice. We can blame, judge, shake our fists, curse, hate and rant with moral outrage about what's wrong or we can fuel those feelings into an inspired choice -- a choice to transform day to day conflicts and tensions into peaceful outcomes,'' said Scherr, co-founder of One Life Alliance, a global peace initiative.

''.. This book is about the choices I make every day. Forgiveness opens the door – Love is the outcome. Writing this book taught me that love is what matters most. As long as I am alive I will continue to love like an extremist,'' she added.

A month or so before Christmas 2008, Scherr lost her husband and 13-year-old daughter to the horrific Mumbai terrorist attack at the Oberoi. In a second, her life was clouded with grief, and since then, it has been a convoluted journey of resilience and recovery.

According to the publishers, Scherr in 'Forgiveness is a Choice' peels back the many layers of personal bereavement. She moves beyond the incident, ''focusing on the reality of dealing with sorrow that rears its ugly heads in myriad forms''.

''Never mawkish, her writing offers everyday advice on how to meander grief-laden experiences. A tender and understanding guide on getting a grip and taking life one day at a time,'' they said in a statement.

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