Pope Francis says war in Ukraine is barbarous

PTI | Vaticancity | Updated: 06-05-2022 18:56 IST | Created: 06-05-2022 18:56 IST
Pope Francis says war in Ukraine is barbarous

Pope Francis says Russia's war in Ukraine is particularly “barbarous” given that it involves Christians killing fellow Christians in a scandal that should drive the faithful toward unity.

Speaking to members of the Vatican office that promotes Christian unity among Catholics, Orthodox and other Christian churches, Francis said Christians should ask themselves what they have done and can do to foster fraternity with one another.

Francis recalled that efforts at unifying Christians took off in the last century thanks to “the awareness that the scandal of the division of Christians had a historical weight in generating the evil that has poisoned the world with grief and injustice.” He said: “Today, in the face of the barbarism of war, this yearning for unity must be fueled again.” PMS PMS PMS

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