"A Journey to Find mutual value in Indo-Japan Food Culture"

The two nations are commemorating the 70th anniversary of this ever-growing relationship to respect, enjoy, and accept the differences between the two countries, to launch A Journey to Find mutual value in Indo-Japan Food Culture.

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"A Journey to Find mutual value in Indo-Japan Food Culture"
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MAFF announces the 70th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and India MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) appoints Mr. Naoyuki Yanagihara - Japanese Cultural and Goodwill Ambassador to Spread the Flames of Japanese Cuisine as part of 70th Anniversary of Indo-Japanese Diplomatic Relations Japan's MAFF introduces - ''A Journey to Find mutual value in Indo-Japan Food Culture" Campaign to Commemorate 70 years of establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and India 7th March 2022: The Ministry of Agriculture, forestry, and fisheries of Japan are organizing the campaign- ''A Journey to Find mutual value in Indo-Japan Food Culture" to commemorate 70 Years of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and India. With the collaboration of the Government of India and the Japanese Embassy, the nations would be cementing their historical relation and moving towards the centenary of diplomatic relations. On the occasion of the 70th Anniversary, the Japanese ministry wants to introduce Japanese food and food culture to the Indians and consequently, wants to explore the diverse cuisine of India. The relationship between the land of the rising sun, Japan, and the world's largest democratic nation, India has strengthened with the flow of time. After centuries of multi-layered exchanges and relations, the two nations formalized their relation 70 years from now. However, this diplomatic relationship has deepened to a Special Strategic and Global partnership based on a deep respect for each other's contributions in promoting peace, stability, and development in Asia and beyond. Since the beginning of the relationship in the 6th century, the nations have collaborated on various fronts. It began with People to people exchange, which further contributed to cultural assimilation. With the Indian Monk, Bodisena, performing the consecration ceremony for the Great Buddha Statue at Todai-Ji, one of the most important temples in Japan. In recent times, the collaboration has extended to Economic Relations and Assistance, Cooperation in security Fields, Cultural cooperation. Moreover, 39,764 Indian Citizens reside in Japan, whereas 9,239 Japanese citizens residing in India. Moving Forward with the same zeal. The two nations are commemorating the 70th anniversary of this ever-growing relationship; to respect, enjoy, and accept the differences between the two countries, to launch ''A Journey to Find mutual value in Indo-Japan Food Culture''. Moreover, this occasion would provide a phenomenal opportunity to all of India, including the next generation to learn about the strong and everlasting relationship between the two nations. Embassy of Japan in India - Comment "The year 2022 marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and India. The entire year will be made prominent through celebratory events. We consider this year a special opportunity to reminisce, be mindful of the present, and envision our future. It gives me a special pleasure that we can celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Independence of India and the 70th anniversary of the Japan-India diplomatic relationship together.

We also have a long history of people-to-people exchanges that can be traced back to the sixth century. For example, Buddhism was brought to Japan in the sixth century, and the philosophy of Buddhism formulated Japanese culture, including dietary and food culture.

Nowadays, we are facing challenges in building a Sustainable Food System (SFS) and one of the key components in building SFS is the culture of food. We, who have a common root in food culture, might be able to find a signpost for a sustainable future together.

The 70th anniversary between our two countries is based on the theme "Building a Future for Our Centenary." This is the mantra that will guide us this year. The message is that we will together create our future and propel ourselves towards the 100th-anniversary landmark and beyond. I believe that a journey to find common value in food culture between India and Japan will make our friendship much stronger now and in the future." What is "a journey to Find mutual value in Indo-Japan Food Culture''? In India, the book ''IKIGAI: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life'' by Héctor García has become a bestseller, and interest in knowing the secrets of Japan, the country with the longest life expectancy in the world, is growing. There is a growing interest in learning the secrets of Japan, the world's longest-living country. The concept of ''well-being'' which refers to having a good physical, mental, and social condition (i.e., a state of intrinsic value), has gained popularity in Japan. In each of the themes such as philosophy and health consciousness that form the basis of the ''search for the common denominator'' between Indian and Japanese food, we will discuss the underlying essence of ''IKIGAI'', as well as the country where the word ''IKIGAI'' was born, and the Japanese food culture. We will promote the process as an opportunity to deepen interest in Japanese food culture. Main initiatives Japan's MAFF invites all to commemorate this special occasion- the 70th year of India - Japan Relation. With the cornerstone to Accept and celebrate differences with the diverse cuisines of Japan and India. Join us for a treat of Japanese meals with exotic ingredients and secrets of a beautiful and healthy life.

About the Campaign Colours We would like to deliver the message of this promotion, the campaign colors embrace the ''differences'' and ''cultures'' of both Japan and India, and the theme colors appropriate for celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Indo-Japan exchange are red, saffron, green, and yellow, which symbolize the flags of Japan and India. In Japanese cuisine, the five colors of red, yellow, blue (green), white, and black are used in cooking and serving to achieve beauty and nutritional balance. The colorful differences symbolize the diversity of India and the different cultures of Japan and India, moreover, they are also presented in harmony on a single palette. Japan and India have a long coastline in common, and the indigo blue line representing the ocean represents the rich connection between the two countries. In this promotion, Indian mega-influencers will be invited to taste real Japanese food. In addition, an online webinar will be conducted by Mr. Yanagihara, a Japanese food ambassador who has a worldwide following, especially in the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Brazil. About MAFF Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries The mission of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is to secure a stable food supply, develop agricultural, forestry, and fisheries industries, promote the welfare of farmers, forestry workers, and fishery workers, develop rural areas and hilly and mountainous areas, realize multifunctionality of agriculture, promote conservation and cultivation of forests and enhance forest productivity, and ensure appropriate conservation and management of living aquatic resources. For further information, please contact the Secretariat of ''Indo-Japan Food Culture Exchange'' Campaign (Japanese) Aya Hamasuna Email: 181hamasuna@tow.co.jp

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