MP: Indore's IISR develops new soybean variety free of unwanted odour

PTI | Indore | Updated: 24-05-2022 17:26 IST | Created: 24-05-2022 17:07 IST
MP: Indore's IISR develops new soybean variety free of unwanted odour
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The Indian Institute of Soybean Research (IISR) in Indore in Madhya Pradesh has developed a new soybean variety that it claimed was free of unwanted odour.

The institute officials said many people refrained from using food products made from soybean due to their dislike for its natural smell, and expressed hope that this innovation will make the bean more popular in the kitchen.

IISR Principal Scientist (Agricultural Extension) Dr BU Dupare on Tuesday said that during the recently concluded 52nd Annual Group Meeting of All India Coordinated Research Project on Soybean held in Indore, the cultivation of improved soybean variety, namely 'NRC 150', has been recommended.

''This variety, developed after years of research by IISR scientists, is free from lypoxygenase-2 enzyme responsible for the natural smell of soybean. So, odour will not be present in soy milk, soya paneer, soya tofu etc made from this variety,'' he said.

Dupare said the 'NRC 150' variety of soybean is rich in protein and other nutrients and has been developed with the aim of eliminating malnutrition, adding that the removal of the unwanted odor will hopefully make it more popular with people.

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