Tokyo hosts 'Medical Japan 2021' expo

Tokyo is one of the world's most fascinating and a high-tech city with an over 12 million population.

ANI | Tokyo | Updated: 15-11-2021 11:25 IST | Created: 15-11-2021 11:25 IST
Tokyo hosts 'Medical Japan 2021' expo
Tokyo hosts 'Medical Japan 2021' expo. Image Credit: ANI
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Tokyo is one of the world's most fascinating and a high-tech city with an over 12 million population. Recently, it hosted a Medical devices and hospital equipment expo called 'Medical Japan 2021'.

The latest hospitals, nursing care, clinics, pharmacies, and infection control products were exhibited. It was the first exhibition organised since after the Coronavirus outbreak. Disinfectants, anti-spray products, hygiene products, were put on display as a counter-measure against the corona pandemic. This is a splash prevention panel to protect from Covid-19 virus. The suction device displayed can be used in hospitals, hotel and offices.

"The problem with conventional acrylic panels is that droplets and aerosols can remain on them. It can be prevented by suctioning through this hole. It is a visibly safe product," said one of the exhibitors. This is a container house for RT-PCR inspection. It is equipped with quick-acting unit and a device that cools the temperature using water.

The company that develops ventilation facilities in the factory uses this know-how. "We have developed a room for the people affected with fever or any virus who can be tested without entering the hospital. These facilities include tent, but there were problems with temperature, hot and cold, and insufficient air circulation. The ventilation system developed by our company is used to create air flow. It was developed to protect the safety of doctors and patients who examine it," another exhibitor said.

For air cleaning, silver ion and ultraviolet sterilization technology products were also put on display. Medical companies are using their know-how to create effective counter-measures against Covid-19. (ANI)

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