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Live Results Lok Sabha Election 2019: BJP gets over 50% votes in several states

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Updated: 24-05-2019 13:14 IST Created: 22-05-2019 15:06 IST
Live Results Lok Sabha Election 2019: BJP gets over 50% votes in several states

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The ensuing Lok Sabha Election 2019 was contested in a highly heated political environment that continues even after the voting is over. There is a lot on the stake in this election for political parties, politics, the credibility of the poll body, people, the credibility of exit polls and above all the direction in which India will be led by 542 members of the 17th Lok Sabha.

Devdiscourse, by applying a mixed approach of various tools of psephology, has predicted 227 seats for NDA, 134 for UPA and 181 for other political parties. This poll prediction is different from survey centric Exit Polls for adopting a holistic approach and giving due weightage to the factors often ignored by pollsters.

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As the countdown has begun for the results on May 23, 2019, here we dedicate a special page to update you on each and every news on election results and political developments in India.

01:14:44 PM

NDA at 351, UPA 92

The ruling NDA has secured 351 seats while opposition UPA has got 92 seats in this election while 99 seats went to other political parties/ alliances. 


01:13:03 PM

BJP gets 302, Congress 52 seats

The ruling BJP has got 20 seats more than its 2014 tally. By the end of counting the saffron party has secured 302 seats while bagged Congress 52 which is 3 seats less for the post of Leader of Opposition. 

This is the second consecutive time, the position of Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha will be vacant as no single party in the opposition has secured 55 required for the post of Leader of Opposition.

The NDA has secured 351 seats followed by 92 with UPA and 99 by Others. In 2014, NDA had 351 seats but despite a major partner TDP quitting the alliance, the NDA won 350 seats in Lok Sabha 2019.  




09:40:52 PM

BJP gets 62.21% votes in Gujarat

BJP bags 62.21% votes while Congress gets 32% votes in Gujarat. 

09:34:03 PM

BJP gets 49.5% votes in UP


BJP got fewer seats than 2014 but more votes. The saffron party has registered 49.5% votes in UP while Congress got only 6.26%. SP-BSP Mahagath Bandhan got 19.31%. 

09:30:56 PM

BJP gets 57.98% votes in Haryana

BJP gets 57.98% votes in Haryana while Congress trailed with 28.44% votes. 

09:29:15 PM

BJP gets 56.55% votes in Delhi

BJP not only retained all the 7 MPs seats in Delhi but got 56.55% seats in Delhi. Congress got 22.51% while AAP got only 18.12%. Here BSP got 1.08%. 



09:25:50 PM

Haryana Ex CM Hooda looses from Sonepat by 77,414 votes

Haryana's former CM Bhupinder Singh Hoods has lost LS election from Sonepat by a huge margin of 1,64,864 votes. Here BJP's Ramesh Chander won for the second consecutive time. 

09:12:57 PM

As Congress likely to finish 51, Lok Sabha may be without LOP

As the main opposition party, Congress is likely to get 51 seats only, the post of Leader of Opposition seems to be vacant for 17th Lok Sabha. As per the rule at least 55 MPs are required for the post of LOP in Lok Sabha. The 16th Lok Sabha also did not have LOP as Congress had got only 44 seats. 

09:09:17 PM

BJP to get 302 seats Congress at 51

BJP is all set to get over 20 seats from its 282 in 2014. The rival Congress has improved its tally but by only 6 seats. The grand old party is still struggling to get the post of Leader of Opposition (LOP). 

BJP registered clean sweep in several states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi.

08:54:49 PM

PM Modi's message for his constituency Varanasi

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