Can You Use a VPN on Your iPhone or iPad?

Sonal Joshi | Updated: 13-01-2022 10:26 IST | Created: 28-10-2021 15:43 IST
Can You Use a VPN on Your iPhone or iPad?
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You have probably already heard of Virtual Private Networks. VPNs are amazing software you can use on your computer to protect your privacy, online activities, or simply access Netflix from another country. But did you know it's also possible to use a VPN on your phone?

If you're the happy owner of an iPhone or an iPad, you might want to keep reading. Indeed, Apple products have the reputation of being so secure that you wouldn't ever think about getting a VPN. But here is how and why you should get a VPN for your iOS device.

Are VPNs compatible with iPhones or iPads?

Of course, not all VPNs are going to be compatible with iOS devices. However, the best VPNs providers have realized there was a market for their products on iPhones and iPads and decided to make them compatible.

As it isn't quite the norm yet to be using a VPN on something other than a computer, companies are offering promotions. For instance, most providers propose a free VPN trial. So before subscribing, make sure you have found the best offer.

Why should you get a VPN on your iPhone or iPad?

Nowadays, we use our smartphones for absolutely everything, even sensitive matters like banking. Problem is, we also connect our phones to public WiFi networks that are far from secure, allowing hackers to hack our information pretty easily, as explained in Forbes Magazine.

Therefore, if you want to protect your sensitive information, using a VPN is a great solution. You can also use them to protect your privacy. For instance, if you don't want Google spying on your browsing habits.

Overwise, the VPN will allow you to access restricted websites or region-blocked content with your iPhone or iPad.

What VPN to choose for my iPhone or my iPad?

When choosing your VPN provider, you need to make sure you are subscribing to a legitimate company. Here are some other things you should check:

  • Security of connection/encryption method: make sure the VPN provides a fully secured
  • Privacy: make sure the VPN doesn't track your online
  • Unlimited use: don't go with a VPN that puts caps on your use; you risk ending up paying way more than
  • Quality of connection: make sure the VPN connection is fast and won't slow down your phone when you are using the

How to use a VPN on an iPhone or iPad

Apple has developed an entire guide on how to use a VPN with Apple devices, but honestly, it's pretty straightforward.

After choosing your VPN provider, all you need to do is download their app from the Apple Store. Once this step is completed, you can follow the on-screen instructions and start using your VPN on your iPhone or iPad.


In conclusion, using a VPN with iOS devices is pretty easy and could protect you from all sorts of problems, like getting your banking app hacked, for instance. If you are not already convinced, you should definitely consider this option. Using a VPN will surely save you some trouble in the future.

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