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Black Clover Chapter 274 titled ‘Outbreak of War’, Mereoleona attacks demon

Devdiscourse News Desk | Tokyo | Updated: 05-12-2020 17:10 IST | Created: 05-12-2020 17:10 IST
Black Clover Chapter 274 titled ‘Outbreak of War’, Mereoleona attacks demon
The leaks for Black Clover Chapter 274 show Rades, Valtos and Sally as part of the invasion team. Image Credit: Facebook / Black Clover

Fans are excited as they are just a few hours away from the release of Black Clover Chapter 274. The manga aficionados will see more people getting included in the invasion team attacking the Spade Kingdom led by Nacht. Read further to know what you can see in the upcoming chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 274 spoilers reveal that Nacht has been in contact with Ralph and other resistance members. The imminent chapter is likely to show the Spade Kingdom unleashing the demon from the last chapter. Apparently, this beast is a demon god from an old legend.

Asta requires more time, which was informed by Nacht to others. IBT reminds how Asta somehow managed to defeat Nacht using Union. However, Nacht notes that Asta's Union is unstable and he needs to work on it.

During the end of Black Clover Chapter 274, the manga lovers will see Mereoleona arriving on the spot and attacking the demon. In the next Black Clover Chapter 275, we can expect a battle between Mereoleona and the demon.

The leaks for Black Clover Chapter 274 show Rades, Valtos and Sally as part of the invasion team. According to EconoTimes, Valtos is also a very capable mage with spatial magic, so his appearance is also understandable. Rades' presence could be foreshadowing someone or some people's death throughout the battle.

The title of Black Clover Chapter 274 is 'Outbreak of War'. Here're the spoilers floated over Reddit:

Nacht tells the others that Asta still needs more time.

Sally, Valtos, Rades, Ralph and Makusa are also part of the Invasion team.

Spade resistance members are also involved with the Invasion team.

Nacht has been in contact with Ralph and the resistance members

Spade unleashes the demon from earlier.

Demon is apparently a demon god from old an old legend

Zenon is watching what's happening through the monitors.

Zenon: "The Advent of Qliphoth ceremony begins."

Mereoleona comes in and hits the Demon, end of chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 274 is set to be out on Sunday, December 6. You can read it on VIZ media, MangaPlus and Shonen Jump official websites and platforms. Stay tuned to Devdiscourse to get the latest updates on the Japanese manga releases.

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