Italy PM likely to resign by Tuesday, seek fresh mandate - govt source

Reuters | Rome | Updated: 25-01-2021 23:16 IST | Created: 25-01-2021 23:10 IST
Italy PM likely to resign by Tuesday, seek fresh mandate - govt source
File Photo Image Credit: ANI

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte will probably hand in his resignation to the head of state on Monday or early Tuesday in the hope of getting a mandate to form a new government, a senior government source told Reuters. Asked to comment on reports in Italian media that Conte was planning to resign after summoning his cabinet, the source said: "it's probable, today or tomorrow morning."

By resigning, Conte wants to avoid a risky vote in parliament this week over a disputed justice report and win more time to convince centrist and unaligned lawmakers to switch to the government's ranks after he lost his majority last week in the upper house Senate. (Reporting By Gavin Jones, editing by Angelo Amante)

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