07 February 2022

Asian games in Olympics

Since 1896, the Olympics has been the sporting spectacle of the world. The Olympics has been witnessed some of the best sporting moments, a platform for courage, determination, and excellence. A global stage where the finest athletes from over 200 countries compete for the ultimate glory. New sports are added by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) based on factors such as media and public interest and feasibility of venue to accommodate the sports’ specific needs.

Over the last few decades, there has been an increasing demand to include sports that go beyond the Euro-centric approach of the IOC. Currently, the two Asian sports that are knocking on the Olympic door are Sepak Takraw and Kabaddi from Malaysia and India respectively.

The inclusion of sports from different countries will enrich the legacy of the Olympics and offer athletes from across the world an opportunity to explore new sports, inspiring international collaboration, cultural understanding, and new perspectives.

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