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This is the right podium for you! We’re always looking for new writers. If you believe in your potential to influence our readers with your unique way of article writing, we want to hear from you.

Writing for Devdiscourse is obviously rewarding! Since the site constantly accumulates views from various parts of the world, it’s a wonderful opportunity for the development enthusiast, including those experts who want to share their researches, developmental works, et al across almost all the categories covered by Devdiscourse with the national and international audiences.

What you get, How and When

You get paid for your interesting contributions (articles/blogs/videos) through a unique revenue sharing platform based on the views your contributions get. A personalised dashboard will be provided to you with functionality to contribute content as well as see the record of views of your contributions and corresponding earnings on daily basis.

All your contributions will continue to accrue revenue as long as audiences keep reading/viewing. Your earnings from all contributions are automatically calculated by our system. Devdiscourse will pay you via either of two modes, i.e. electronic bank transfer, PayPal. Transfer of very small sums attract service charge (which would further reduce your earnings), we have a minimum threshold for payments as follows:

Payments within India: INR 750

Payments outside India: USD 50

The earnings from your contributions in any month will be paid by the 15th of the next month, once you have crossed the minimum threshold for payment.

If the minimum threshold is not reached in a given month, the amount would keep accruing till you reach the threshold and will be paid on the 15th of the succeeding month.

What we want from you

We do not require any news or press releases from the freelancers. The first and foremost requirement is unique articles that will relay more about developmental processes in any sector or category covered by Devdiscourse.

You should remember that the first thing readers see when your article gets shared on social media is the article’s (or blog’s) headline, so it’s quite important to develop headlines that stand out and highlight your article’s content. Hence, your responsibility is to create a catchy headline to ensure more people are tempted to click it. Your title should be very likable so that the readers feel it necessary to share with their friends and acquaintances. This will bring more views for you.

As far as the article body is concerned, our dedicated technical team members never flinch in checking your content with plagiarism checkers to ensure it is 100 percent unique. Then editors pick up the next role in ensuring your views / opinions / ideas are not copied from any published materials. And the common rule of Journalism is ought to be followed – attribution is must if you find it necessary to pick any author’s opinions or views.

To make it more clarified, ensure that your content has a clear argument (if possible backed by renowned sector stalwarts’ past views / discoveries / hypothesises etc. It should not look like just a run-on or list of tips and tricks. Your content is expected to be highly beneficial for the researchers, seekers, students, content strategists, information architects in their respective sectors.

Sadly, we will not publish articles below 300 words. 1000 number of words is considered average to us. It is the sole onus of the freelancers to contribute photographs. However, those photographs should have the right to be reused. Lastly, it is mandatory for all the freelancers to share all their sources for their contents and photographs, and editors anytime are free to knock you for crosschecking the minutest information if found unconvinced. Devdiscourse editors have the freedom and authority to decide whether the articles need to be accepted or not.

How you can submit articles

  • It’s simple! Create an account with your email id
  • Fill up basic information about you; you can also upload your photograph
  • Now it’s your discretion of contributing articles for Devdiscourse
  • Upload relevant photograph(s) / videos related to content
  • Submit

Rights of use, reuse and others

You are allowed to post content on in exchange of stipulated remuneration. By doing so, you are giving us the right to use your content worldwide, reproduce, translate, modify, distribute, publicly display, offer to sell, and make derivative works of your pieces on and in all forms and media.

For the purposes of Intellectual Property Rights, Devdiscourse have all patent rights, moral rights, rights of publicity, copyright rights, trademark and service mark rights, trade secret rights and other intellectual property rights which possibly exist or henceforward created in existence, including all applications, registrations, renewals and extensions thereof, under the laws of any state, country, territory and other jurisdiction.

Through the process of posting and submitting the content on our site, you are giving us, including our contractors the right to display or publish any likable content on our site. You are, hence, agreeing to allow us to store, distribute and reuse such content for promotional and marketing purposes.

Terms of use

You particularly agree to the terms and conditions before using the website as a contributor.

You are free to browse without registering for a Devdiscourse account. However, it is mandatory for everyone to register for an account in order to post any content or article. Devdiscourse has the discretion to refuse or terminate any existing user account if he/she is found breaking the company’s norms, rules, terms and conditions.


By registering, you are agreeing that the information you provide and continue providing are accurate. We reserve the right to reclaim Devdiscourse user accounts on behalf of businesses or individuals that hold legal claim or trademark on those usernames. The contributors are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their respective Devdiscourse passwords. By linking to with any third party service like Twitter, Facebook, etc. you agree to give us the permission to access and use your information from that service as permitted by that service alongside storing your log-in credentials for that service.

It is your responsibility to put your eyes on the activity that occurs on or through your account as you are suggested to keep your password secure. You should notify the management immediately of any breach of security or illegal utilization of your articles. This is to ensure you that Devdiscourse is not liable for your losses by unauthorized use of your content.

Welcome to Devdiscourse! By visiting (including contributing) for our site, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions. It is advisable to go through the terms and conditions before using or contributing contents in any way for publication on The organization has the discretion to alter the terms and conditions based on its requirements.